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Posted on 16 December 2015

Bad breath

A lot of factors can cause bad breath: bacteria, bad oral hygiene, medication, drinks and food. For instance, meals containing a lot of garlic are more likely to give bad breath. Drinks such as coffee or alcohol can also have an influence. Physimed, a dental clinic in Ville Saint-Laurent, would like to remind you that neglecting to brush your teeth and...

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Posted on 03 December 2015

Whitening your teeth yourself or having a dentist do it?

In the world of cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening is by far the most popular treatment. Every day, we have to look at our teeth in the mirror. That is why it is easy to notice any stains. If you decide to whiten your teeth, you have different options, such as chairside bleaching (Zoom), home trays (Opalescence) and Crest Strips Professional. You can do...

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Posted on 28 November 2015

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth can complicate things when they start growing. That is why it is better to have them removed if they don't have room. Clinique Dentaire Physimed in Saint-Laurent provides the following information regarding wisdom teeth. Their name Wisdom teeth usually grow when you're becoming an adult, between the ages of 18 and 25 years old. It coincides...

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